What is Koivu?





Koivu is an avant-ethno label.

Meaning, in a wider sense, that we're releasing contemporary music that respects national cultures. Say "no" to globalization! Music that is going to be published on Koivu, must definitely be of national character, and that means:

  • songs must be sung in artist's native language;
  • if the music is not in form of songs, the titles of tracks must be written in artist's native language and its native alphabet (cyrillic, greek, katakana/hiragana, hanzi, etc.);
  • accordingly, everything else (covers, etc.) must also be designed fully in traditional alphabet and native language.
  • music must not propagandize cosmopolitan views.

You are free to design the covers however you want, but if you have an irresistible urge to place some coprogrind on the cover, better choose some other label.

The priority is given to music of these genres:

  • noise and subgenres;
  • ambient and subgenres;
  • experimental music of vague genres;
  • field recordings;
  • non-dance electronic music;
  • academic avant-garde and contemporary classical music /free improvisations..

So, let's generalize. What must be in an application?

  • Music in separate tracks in MP3 or FLAC formats;
  • Design – front/back covers in high resolution (min. 1000x1000 pixels), a booklet, if you wish;
  • Project's logo in high resolution, preferably in PNG format;
  • A short bio of the project, a list of members, a short story about the album from the application;
  • A photo of members of the project, which will be put onto your main page in our catalogue (you don't have to show your faces, you can even provide an artwork instead).

The biography must be objective and written from a neutral point of view.



Thanatos Tou Omirou (Homer's Death) is a harsh-noise project from Thessaloniki, Greece, that was founded in 2007. It is composed of Stylianos Arvanitis (bouzouki), Georgios Kokkinos (voice, noise) and Nikos Papagos (guitar). They mix raw harsh noise and free improvisations on bouzouki with slow declamation of Homer's "Odyssey" ... Thanatos Tou Omirou (Homer's Death) is a legendary underground noise band from the depth of Hades, blowing out your eardrums since 2007 with an extreme combo of "Odyssey" and epic hardcore noise in best traditions of Gerogerigegege and Merzbow ...

Also, it would be nice to mention other official pages of your project on the net: SoundSpace/Bandcamp/Myspace etc. and your e-mail where the Koivu representatives will write if the decision to publish your music on our label will be taken.


You should send the application to label@koivu.ru.