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СC 3.0

16 tracks

47 minutes


There are so many worlds, andthey have one axis - the axis which holds all the universes, the center of the universal force, the most powerful place - SAVESHNIK - the personification of universal order... And it has its owner - SHOWLEL, half owl, half a shovel D-blade. This powerful being controls the course of time. No one can wander between worlds without her permission! But, despite everything, there appeared one Santa Claus-stick insect! And she made a great plan - she decided to choose three victims - some jazz musicians to create in their minds the greatest optical illusion ever witnessed… That's how this Stickanta will be punished! And so it began...


[all tags are in Russian]

1. Trip to the Circus (2:42)

2. Lady and a Stump (2:13)

3. Ignat the Tree's Perversions (3:37)

4. Stickanta—Inseclaus (2:42)

5. Concerto in A, in a french manner (1:51)

6. Billion Shapes of Happiness (4:03)

7. Showlel (4:00)

8. Song about Jorkneady (2:10)

9. Arnold (2:55)

10. Elections (4:41)

11. Signs on Grey (1:02)

12. Egor the Tree's perversions (4:46)

13. Pleïades: wood (0:44)

14. They Who Were Dissolved in the Void(4:35)

15. John Cage's last dream (0:24)

16. The Final Battle(4:20)

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