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СC 3.0

13 tracks

45 minutes

"Less progamness, more academism!" — declared the members of "Saveshnik" and with a light push threw off the cruiser of modernity these brave revolutionary eulogies to stick insects and shovel blades. On "Barking in the Sludge" there is no story, but climax of the development of fundamental principles and genres of Saveshnik's music: avant-ballade ("On the Head with an Ax"), classic saveshnik-style free jazz ("Three Independent Creatures"), abstract intermezzo ("From where did you get all this?" with guest star — Vladislav Romanchikov), mad tonal wrath ("Owls are dancing" with guest star — violinist Kang Jae Seon). The second and the last album of the project is a complete epitome of members' views on avant-jazz.


[all tags are in Russian]

1. From where did you get all this? (3:09)

2. Three independent creatures (5:54)

3. Studio-Gespräech / Studio Conversation (0:29)

4. Naked carp (3:31)

5. On the head with an ax (6:41)

6. Koala and a swamp (3:22)

7. General Gnobding (3:16)

8. First chapter, fifth part (4:43)

9. Autumn (3:05)

10. One day in leader's garden (4:25)

11. The Garden is motionless (2:38)

12. Smoke (2:01)

13. Owls are dancing (2:24)

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