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СC 3.0

8 tracks

1 hour 40 minutes

The first compilation of Denis Pisarevsky's works includes most significant works for solo instruments and chamber ensembles and also a composition for triple symphonic orchestra.


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[part I]

1. Symphony for organ (11:38)

performance by Denis Pisarevsky

2. "Esquisses": Aquarelle, Pastel, Pointillisme (6:07)

performance by Mikhail Merelej (piano)

3. "Sounds of Spring" for cello and piano (5:34)

performance by Denis Pisarevsky (piano) and Mikhail Alenin (cello)

4. "Mermaid" for voice and piano (5:15)

performance by Denis Pisarevsky (piano) and Alexandra Koneva (soprano)

5. Sonata for violin and piano in memory of Holocaust victims (14:50)

performance by Denis Pisarevsky (piano) and Pavel Oskolkov (violin)


[part II]

6-9. "Mythologicus", symphonic suite in four parts: "Unicorn", "Satyrs and Nymphs", "Basilisk", "Phoenix" (15:20)

computer performance

10. "Game to Association" for piano, violin and cello (23:23)

performance by Denis Pisarevsky (piano), Ivan Mavropoulou (violin) and Konstantin Evmenkin (cello)

11. "Four elements", quartet for flute, violin, viola and cello (19:56)

performance by Ekaterina Grebenyukova, Pavel Oskolkov (violin), Victoria Orlova (viola) and Mikhail Alenin (cello)



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