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СC 3.0

12 tracks

34 minutes

The third album by Eufrat-virran filosofit is a description about the lost, yet always present earthly paradise. The mystical spirit of Eukleidos steps down from the stars and kicks open the gates of Baghdad and invites listeners to enter the sacred and secret Garden of the Sun. Philosophers from every corner of the earth wander over mountains and rivers, through jungles and deserts to come and celebrate the miracle of the Garden. The album is a story about those pleasures and enjoyments which the Garden provides. Philosophers go swimming, have couple of parties, enjoy different kind of fruits from the fruit trees, sleep on the beach and smell the flowers of the Garden. After the pleasant visit in the Garden, they witness the Magical Flying Carpet. The Magical Flying Carpet descends from the sky and takes them to space once again, free and happy.

[All tags are in Finnish]


1. Invitation (1:53)

2. The garden of the sun (3:39)

3. Celebration under the fruit trees (3:04)

4. Candies of the cosmos (2:22)

5. On the beach (1:23)

6. Philosophers go to swim (3:25)

7. The dream of the philosophers (3:27)

8. The order of Eukleidos (3:54)

9. The round mystery of the sky (2:38)

10. Towards golden mold (2:08)

11. Flowers of the Garden (2:56)

12. Magic carpet flies for the last time (3:30)

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