What is Koivu?





Eufrat-virran filosofit

(Philosophers of the Euphrates)

The Philosopher of the Euphrates was originally founded by Rubus Damaskoslainen and Hermanokleitos Eteläinen, who both have re-incarnated from previous times of ancient Mesopotamia, The Land Between The Rivers. After noticing how the world had slipped in to massive chaos they saw no other option than starting to preach about the life and adventures of The Noble Eukleidos, who lived thousands of years ago. Nobody, not even the Rubus or Hermanokleitos, had really known Eukleidos as a person. It’s the legends and the stories of this Great Spirit that have travelled through out the vast Earth. Those same legends and rumours are also the fuel that keep Hermanokleitos and Rubus on their journey to gain understanding of this Mystery. And that is what they are here for, trying to crystalize the essence, like we all are.



The Garden of the Sun